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How to Expedite Your Passport | What they DON’T Tell You

expedite passport

Thoughtfully Lovely is having a birthday!  WOW!  Thoughtfully Lovely is one today!   It feels like a lot longer than a year but, at the same time, it feels like I wrote my first post yesterday.  I remember where I was the moment my stomach filled with butterflies and I hit the “publish” button.  I was in Chicago by myself in a Starbucks.  I had been there all day and not because I…

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Monday Musings | vol.3

Good morning, friends!  ok….I realize it’s not Monday, but I did write this yesterday and then life happened.  So many things happened last week!  4th of July was…uneventful.  We didn’t do anything, really.  Having Wednesday off gave me a 3 day “weekend” so I cleaned up the house,  which was way overdue.   My husband is still recovering from his surgery so he wanted a “quiet night.”  I think that may be…

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DIY Banisters | Still Dreaming of a Finished Basement

diy stair railings

I’m still dreaming of a finished basement over here. That means a lot of things including finishing the stair railings/banisters.  DIY banisters.   Finishing those banisters was probably the most intimidating thing I have ever done.  It requires finding something other than a 90 degree angle.  Admittedly, I was never really good at geometry and this task required my protractor skills to be sharp.  My Sophomore year of high school I had…

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Baublebar vs. Sugarfix | What’s The Difference?

best tassel earring

Happy Sunday!   Let’s have some fun and talk about accessories for a minute!  I love a good statement earring or necklace and usually have something whimsical on to add a little interest to an otherwise boring outfit.  I have been posting some photos on my Instagram Story lately and I usually get asked a few questions about my earrings or necklace.  They look like they might all be from the same…

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