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Teen Boy’s Room Makeover

School is back in session and the kids are in full activity mode with sports, studies and the never-ending social life!  Every kid needs a space that is all their own to come home to and decompress after being out in the busy world.  A place where they can look around and be surrounded by […]

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Good Grief!

Good Grief!  There is so much swirling in my head right now and I am looking beyond the mess to find the love.  It is heavy and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same.  I worry.  I know I shouldn’t.  My human nature fights it so I am always handing it up.  The […]

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Easy DIY craft room
My Craft Room | Projects

Craft Room Part 6 | The Reveal!!!

My favorite day has come – my dream craft room reveal! I have been so excited to share this day with all of you!  The cabinets are all made, installed, painted and best of all, level. The countertops are made, installed, sanded and stained. Door handles, drawer pulls installed. Cabinets have been filled.  The room […]

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